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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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hello and welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm raja pradhan with the news from tokyo. people in japan marked five years since the earthquake and tsunami devastated the country northeast on march 11th, 2011. communities along the coast were washed away and the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant experienced a triple meltdown. they commemorate the day when so many lives were changed forever. about 1,000 people took part in the event. they observed a moment of silence at 2:46 p.m., the exact time the quake hit.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> the attendees paid tribute to the nearly 16,000 people who died. more than 2500 others are still missing. several people who lost loved ones told their stories. kuniyuni sakuma spoke of families that lived near the nuclear plant being divided and scattered. >> translator: we are seized with anxieties and certainties that are beyond words and wonder when will we be able to return on our homes. will the day come when our families are united again? >> sakuma described how his father died in temporary housing. they vowed to rebuild the communities.
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she was 17 when the disaster struck. her grandfather's body was found a few days later and her father rushed to the coast to close the floodgate and never game home. >> translator: the sense of loss and pain after the great earthquake was heavy. but conversely, it is also given me the strength to grow up. engraving my father's efforts deep in my heart, i have come to believe that my duty to my father is to walk forward doing my utmost to be of service to other people. >> prime minister shinzo abe vowed to continue efforts to revitalize the devastated region. >> translator: once again i would like to make a firm pledge that the governmt rt unified efforts for the nati th is resistant to disaste. >> the emperor said he is concerned that there may be many people whose suffering is still unknown to others.
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>> as the ceremony drew to a close, people made offerings in memory of the victims. the disaster left its mark on countless communities and many found their own way to look back on the tragic day. more than 700 people died when the tsunami swept over the district of natori. family, friends and neighbors same together to mourn the victims. >> translator: some of my relatives and many of my neighbors died. i came here to pray that they rest in peace.
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>> police officers and firefighters look for signs of the missing along the coast of fukushima where 197 people remain unaccounted for. piles of debris littered the landscape preventing a thorough search and high levels of radiation stood in the way of cleaning it up. the last of the rubble was cleared away this month and around 500 people came to lend a hand. >> translator: i'm determined to locate as many missing people as possible and send what i find back to the families. >> people joined an earthquake and tsunami drill in the early morning. they are preparing for a disaster of a scale similar to the one five years ago. residents practiced evacuating to designated areas. >> translator: the tears rolled
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down my face as i recalled that day. during the drill i had the same fear that i had then and moved as fast as i could because i do not want to become a victim. >> some dairy farmers believe just being able to engage in a familiar morning routine offers hope. five farmers forced off their land operate on this facility and opened with government funding. >> translator: i would be really happy if consider our farm getting on track as a symbol of reconstruction.
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>> one of the hardest hit places on the coast was the city. we have a report on how residents spent this important day and how the city has changed over the past five years. >> at 2:46 p.m., the exact time the earthquake struck, people took a moment to pray for those lost in the disaster. >> a memorial service was held in a newly constructed community hall. hundreds of visitors paid their respects. >> this is now known for this site, the lone standing pine tree. this is not what it looked like five years ago. before the disaster, a grove of 70,000 pine trees stood here. it was landscape residents were
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proud of, and something that attracted tourists from across the country. the city center was packed with shops, schools, and neighborhoods. but on march 11th, 2011, all of that was wiped out as tsunami high as 17 meters gushed inland. a community of about 24,000, over 1800 people died or went missing. just one tree from the pine grove survived the destruction. and it became a symbol of hope. and now efforts are being made to recreate the grove itself. members are growing seedlings in the mountains. some of them were collected from the original pine trees and in about three years they will replant them alongside the lone miracle pine. throughout the city, we are
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seeing visible signs of recovery. thousands of tons of soil have been piled up and made into mounds. they are elevating that because the land sanction due to the earthquake and tsunami. a diarama is showing what the city center will look like in years. construction of the main shopping area will start this summer and other facilities will follow. i talked to this woman about the recovery process. >> translator: most people might think the past five years have gone by quickly. for me, recovery is still a long way off. i want to help rebuild the city so that it's a place where children will be happy to be born.
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>> for residents, the past five years have been a time of sorrow and a test of patience. they are hoping the recovery efforts will give them a clearer view of their future and a sense of community that was lost. nhk world. >> now the damage from the disaster was not just physical. it left deep psychological scars on the people who survived. for some, the passage of time made things worse and added to their stress. they spent five years struggling to find meaning in life. nhk world has more. >> 64-year-old lives alone in a temporary shelter in the city. when the earthquake struck she was not at home, but the house was swept away and he lost the wife who adored and two daughters and father. after the disaster, she began trying to put the pieces of his life back together. overtime, he sanction into loneliness and despair. >> translator: i'm all alone. i lived a full life until then and all of a sudden i was left like this. >> on this day, he has a visitor. a case worker. they have been providing survivors with mental health care.
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he said survivors sometimes have trouble expressing their feelings. >> translator: even if they don't talk about their feelings or problems, the appearance of their living space can speak volumes. that's why i think it's important to go and talk to them face-to-face. >> he works for a private mental health care center. it was established by local psychiatrists three months after
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the disaster. it is subsidized by local governments. the records of the survivors showed their desperate situation. >> i have no courage and can't move forward. i am a worthless human being. >> i feel so lonely and sad. i want to die. >> some survivors who are moving from temporary shelters could feel even more isolated. even this 70-year-old is one such person. his house was completely destroyed in the tsunami and his wife passed away the following year. last august he moved to this new apartment complex, but he feels lonelier now. >> when i was in the temporary unit, i could feel the sounds and asked me how i was doing. here things are different. i sealed in, but it's scary just being here.
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i wonder what would happen if i collapsed. >> in february, they attended a monthly gathering with encouragement of staff members of the mental health center. it brought together 21 men who live alone. many like this shut themselves up at home. >> i'm not much of a talker, but when i come here, i can chat. it's a good place and like coming here. >> there is more to recovery than putting up buildings. it also means creating environments where people can regain the things they lost such as communicating with others and the sense of belonging to a community. >> they said time alone won't
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ease his sense of loss, but he said he found one important reason to keep going. >> translator: as long as i live, i will keep my family's memory alive and tend to their graves. that's my mission. as a person who was left alive. i don't know how long i will live, but i will do it as long as i can. >> the passage of time means nothing to survivors trying to come to terms with their ordeal. but a community of caring people could provide one important way to help them move forward. nhk world. you can find more of these reports on our special website. we posted stories about the disaster-hit region from the last five years. as reconstruction efforts
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continue, japan's cabinet approved a 92 five-year plan for rebuilding disaster-hit areas. it will start in april. they combined with the old plan will cost $280 billion. officials say reconstruction efforts in the disaster-hit areas are entering the new phase as public housing construction for survivors is almost finished and businesses have been steadily recovering. the plan aims to help make the community self sustainable and a model for others. the government hopes to make the 2020 tokyo olympics and paralympics the games of recovery. it will showcase the disaster-hit areas to the world by having the torch relay run through. the plan said the government will play a leading role in recovery in fukushima prefecture. the government plans to lift all evacuation orders for the municipalities by the end of areas with the highest levels of
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radioactive contamination. and nhk survey shows efforts to rebuild houses in three prefectures are proceeding slowly. nhk assessed projects in dozens of municipalities. it found fewer than half of the 44,000 odd houses due for construction are ready. local authorities have promised more than 24,000 public housing units. they completed just over half and developers have finished barely a third of roughly 20,000 new private homes. municipal officials blamed the delay on negotiations with landowners. people outside of japan have held events to remember victims and share their opens for the recovery of the disaster-hit areas. college students from north eastern japan attended a ceremony in sydney and thanked
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emergency workers from new south wales who were dispatched to the town. >> the kindness from the international community never ceases to amaze me. i am very grateful. >> it is important that we continue to support and maintain all efforts to ensure the recovery of japan from the catastrophe. >> another young survivor played the violin at a memorial concert held at the vatican.
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they played before 500 people at the basilica of saint paul. a choir of 150 singers from japan and italy performed mozart's "reck weem." a british satellite tv station ob daned data on 22,000 islamic militantings. sky news claims the data was stolen by a former member of the group. officials at sky news say the data contained names, addresses, phone numbers and family contacts. at least 51 countries in the middle east, africa, europe, and north america are listed. sky news reports the company has offered the data to british authorities. about 300 smart phones used by senior officials in south korea received malicious e-mails from pyongyang. officials are deeply involved in the south security affairs and their devices became infected. officials with south korea's intelligence service said 40 were infected with a virus
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between february and march. they believe north korea gained access to text messages and phone numbers. south korean government officials warn of further attacks from the north. they condemn the annual military drills by the u.s. and south korea. a top u.s. intelligence official expresses strong concern over china's development over artificial islands in a disputed part of the south china sea. they will be able to complete the facilities as early as this year to improve the military capability in the area. the director of national intelligence wrote to john mccain, the chair of the armed
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services committee. clapper said china is constructing facilities likely to be used for fuel storage and supply and installed military radar systems. he points out warships including a guided missile destroyer had begun to make stops at the outposts and said china established an infrastructure to deploy china planes, surface to air missiles, and cruise missiles. china defended the construction of the islands, calling it a necessary exercise of its right of self defense. other countries have conflicting claims over parts of the sea. a confidant is set to become the new president of myanmar next week. many supporters are still hoping she will take the job herself before long. we have the bureau in bangkok with the details. >> xi on thursday urged supporters to be patient. her national league for democracy was in november's
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historic election. but she's barred from becoming president under the constitution written by the military. the nld on thursday named tim shaw as its presidential candidate from the lower house. the uk educated former technocrat was approved by 274 votes to 29. aung suu kyi said she will be above the president meaning he will act in her place. they vowed to keep trying to revise the constitution. >> she was born here and lives here. she is the daughter of our hero. why shouldn't she be president? we need to work to change the law. >> translator: politics means being patient. i'm not angry about the presidency. even though she won't be president, she will still lead the country. >> she has not spoken to
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reporters since thursday as she is apparently trying to avoid friction with the military and issued a statement asking supporters to stand by with wisdom and farsightedness. analysts said the public will support the new president. >> the public voted for the change. now the public wanted a civilian president. when the civilian president came into power, the public will support him. and the public even may not care for whether he is the president or not. >> the other candidate is an upper house lawmaker from the ethnic chin minority. the third candidate will come from the military. the full parliament will vote next week to elect one of them. there is a in thailand that spirits can inhabit inanimate
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objects. a doll is capturing the hearts of thai people. >> this shop draws crowds almost every day. they are looking for a doll. it means charmed angel. the dolls vary in size from 10 centimeters to one meter. most are priced at around $80. more elaborate ones can cost more than $400. >> translator: i sell an average of 70 or 80 dolls each month. >> the doll craze was sparked by a comment by a teen personality last year. job offers began to pour in and his income soared. >> translator: when i spoke to about this doll, i believed i would get a phone call and a job offer. soon after, i got the call and the offer. >> it has taken to a temple for a special ritual. a buddhist monk offers a prayer for the doll. the eyes have been painted gold. they believe this will cause spirits to enter the doll. and bring luck to its owner. >> about 100 people a day bring in these dolls. >> she brought her doll in january. she has a four year. she even takes the doll to bed. the doll is named mi, that means
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rich in the thai language. she treats the doll as it is her own child. she bathes the doll every day and even applies body lotions. she has bought more than 30 items of clothing for the doll. she said soon after she bought the doll, her business boomed and she was able to repay her debts. >> i love the doll as if it were my own child. she knows i love her. >> but the doll craze is causing some new problems. this airline launched a service to capitalize on the fed, treating the dolls as passengers owners could book seats for their dolls. this service sent shock waves
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across thailand. a large catch of illegal drugs was found inside some dolls. apparently hidden there out of hope. the dolls would not undergo a thorough security check. >> people may think a sacred doll would not have to be checked, but that's no longer the case. >> why have the dolls so profoundly affected the thai people. the securities are behind a trend.
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>> translator: thai society is too dependent on spiritual things. this doll boom reflects people's concerns about politics. the economy and family matters. >> the dolls continue to be deeply loved by their parents and keep listening to them. nhk world, bangkok. >> that wraps up our bulletin from bangkok. >> and next here's the three-day outlook for the weather for selected cities around the globe. that's all for now on this edition of "newsline." i'm raja pradhan in tokyo and from all of us, thanks for
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watching and have a good day. wherever you are. xnóx
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narrator: this week, "global 3000" is in ethiopia, where we're watching globalization at work. we're looking into why chinese companies are relocating production here. and we'll be finding out how farmers in cambodia are responding to climate change and how that affects the rare sarus crane. but first, we go to brazil. a country already reeling from political and economic crisis, brazil is now in the headlines because of a new health threat we know little about, the zika virus. the virus came with the "aedes aegypti" or "yellow fever mosquito." in 2007, on a little island in the pacific, over 100 people came down with zika. this was when virologists first really noticed it. in 2013, the next big outbreak


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